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Webmaster are welcome to become our agent, simple agent application form here


  • Working Joomla! website
  • Working JoomSlot
  • Registered user at JoomSlot.Com

That's all, you are welcome to join us.

Read more Agent features:

  • Best discount credit rate in market - up to 80% (depends on order quantity, more you order more discount you get, minimum 50% discount).
  • Guarantee profit margin - high profit margin 50% - 80%.
  • Profitable business model.
  • No contract period, start or stop any time.
  • No monthly fees.
  • No system maintenance fees.
  • No development cost, ready to use platform.
  • FREE update.
  • Minimized initial investment, as low as BTC 0.0002 (starter pack).
  • Royalty free, get all your profit net.
  • FREE payment processor - no fees.
  • FREE full feature gaming platform - the only full feature gaming platform in Joomla! (market value for this type of white label platform easily cost USD100k above and with high royalty fees).
  • FREE customs payment plugin on demand (small commitment required - purchase specify amount of agent credit that resellable with profit).
  • Priority support.

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