JoomSlot default payment gateway plugin - (BTCPay server) payment plugin will install together with JoomSlot Component by default. 

We will setup JoomSlot API and credential when you apply for JoomSlot Agent, webmaster just need to fill in the info we sent by email to complete the setup.

In case webmaster select host their own BTCPay server (recommended), you may follow below setup.

Go to administrator > extensions > plugins > kennie club 

Fill up the Store ID, API and 


For own host BTCpay server follow these steps:

  • create store > setup wallet > enable "Allow anyone to create invoice" > copy store ID and paste to kennie club plugin.
  • create new wallet > hot wallet > store recovery phrase. (wallet for receiving and payout)
  • store > > webhooks > create new webhook > Payload URL > (change to your domain) > copy the IPN Secret > paste to kennie club plugin.
  • profile > API keys > generate new key > unrestricted API key > copy and paste to kennie club plugin. (BTCPay server) - create store (BTCPay server) - create new Bitcoin wallet (BTCPay server) - New wallet (BTCPay server) - Hot wallet (BTCPay server) - Segwit wrapped (compatible with old wallet) (BTCPay server) - store your recovery phrase

\ (BTCPay server) -Store ID (BTCPay server) - Store webhooks (BTCPay server) - Profile > API keys (BTCPay server) - create API key

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