JoomSlot Component backend 

Go to administrator > components > JoomSlot

JoomSlot Dashboard

Information such as Total Game points (the credit you have in your agent account that available for sell to your user), Total Players, Total Collection and Total Added Points.

JoomSlot Players

View player information such as username, email, status, registration date and user id.

You may manually add game point incase payment gateway failure, by click "Add game point"  next to player username.


Fill up this order form manually and Tick "Add Game Points" will add game points according to the form to selected user when save. 


JoomSlot Order Lists

All order will list here. Game point will automatic add to user game account when payment successful complete via API or webhooks process. Incase of payment gateway or network failure or system error game point failed to add, you may perform manual add order transaction as above.


JoomSlot Withdrawal Lists

All player withdrawal request will list here, PLEASE note that due to security concern withdrawal PAYOUT is process manually (for Kennie.Club and BTCPay server), you have to login to your account to perform the PAYOUT and manually update the withdrawal status here.

The proper withdrawal process flow: check withdrawal request here administrator > Joomslot > withdrawals ID, verified if the withdrawal is valid, go to or your BTCPay server PULL Payment > withdrawals ID > Payout to perform the PAYOUT, come back here to manually update the withdrawal status.

Check player game stats/logs is recommended for every withdrawal.

Automatic PAYOUT is possible for other payment gateway, we can assist develop customs payment gateway on demand. Contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need customs payment gateway.


 JoomSlot Game Stats or Logs

Check player/user game stats, such as balance, bet amount, win amount and so on.


 JoomSlot Pay Stats or Logs

User or Player payment in/out stats or logs.


JoomSlot User or Player Balance

Check user or player balance.

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